Motor Test Equipment - Datasheets


HD and ED SeriesHysteresis Dynamometers / Engine DynamometersEN | FR | DE | CN
Micro DyneMicro Dyne Test System for Mini/Micro MotorsEN | FR | DE | CN
WB 23/WB 27High-speed Eddy-current DynamometerEN | FR | DE
WB SeriesEddy-current DynamometersEN | FR | DE
PB SeriesPowder Brake DynamometersEN | FR | DE
Tandem SeriesIn-Line Double DynamometersEN | FR | DE
MSDMega Speed DynamometerEN
4Q4Quadrant Dynamometer Test SystemEN

CTS Cogging Test System

CTSCogging Test SystemEN | FR | DE


M-TEST 7Motor Testing SoftwareEN | DE | CN
DUAL TEST 7Motor Testing SoftwareEN
EM-TEST 2.0Endurance Motor Testing SoftwareEN


DSP7000High-Speed Programmable ControllerEN | FR | DE | CN
DSP6001High-Speed Programmable ControllerEN | FR | DE | CN
6200Dynamometer Controller/ReadoutEN

Power Supplies and Conditioners

DES SeriesPower Supply for WB & PB DynamometersEN | FR | DE
5241Power Amplifier for HD-825 DynanamometersEN
TSC SeriesTorque/Speed ConditionerEN | FR | DE

Power Analyzers

7500Power AnalyzerEN | CN

Fixtures and Tables

AMF SeriesAdjustable Motor FixturesEN
FMF SeriesFixed Motor FixturesEN
PT SeriesT-slot Base PlatesEN
TAB SeriesDynamometer TablesEN


5500 and 5501Manual Dynamometer Switch BoxesEN | FR | DE | CN
PCBPower Connection BoxEN
FRSFree-Run Speed SensorEN
EMA SeriesStand Alone EncoderEN
SBB 14Signal Breakout BoxEN
RTM SeriesRiser Kits for TM TransducersEN
TCBSThermocouple Connection BoxEN
PC-150150 Amp Polarity ChangerEN
Coupling GuardsEN
RSBRemote Switch BoxEN

Custom Motor Test Systems (Sample Applications)

Testing Large Industial Ceiling Fan MotorsEN
Testing Aerospace MotorsEN
Testing Aircraft TachometersEN
Testing Appliance MotorsEN
Testing Aircraft MotorsEN
Testing Electric Pump MotorsEN
Testing Starter Motors (with front plug-in panel)EN
Testing Starter Motors (continuous testing)EN
Testing ABS MotorsEN
Testing Hot Tub/Spa Pumps and BlowersEN
Throttle Control SystemEN
Testing Linear ReducersEN | FR
Testing Drum MotorsEN | FR
Testing Gear MotorsEN | FR
Motorized Test SystemEN
Automotive Gearmotor Test SystemEN
Aerospace Motor Test SystemEN
Power Tool Motor Test SystemEN
Electronic Personal Transportation DevicesEN