Torque Calibration Laboratory

ISO / IEC 17025 Accredited Torque Calibration Laboratory

Located at Magtrol SA, Rossens, Switzerland

The ISO / IEC17025 accreditation is a recognition of laboratory expertise and a guarantee of quality for the calibration procedure of MAGTROL Torque Sensors; TS, TM, TMB, TMHS & TF Series. MAGTROL also offers calibration services for all torque sensors, regardless of the manufacturer.

The MAGTROL torque calibration laboratory consists of three lever calibration benches covering a range from 0.1 N·m to 5000 N·m as well as a motorized gear bench covering a range from 1 000 N·m to 50 000 N·m.

The measurement uncertainties of calibration benches are 0.01 % of full scale torque. The laboratory was designed and built to meet metrological requirements, eliminating floor vibration and temperature fluctuations that may interfere with measurements.


  • In-house torque calibration from 100 mN·m to 50 000 N·m
  • Accredited by SAS (Swiss Accreditation Service)
  • Best Measurement Uncertainty of 0.01 %
  • Calibration of any torque sensor brand
  • Many testing possibilities:  ….