Obsolete Manuals

The following equipment is no longer in production but their last published manuals can be accessed here.

Product GroupModelProduct DescriptionRevisedLanguage
SoftwareM-TEST 5.0M-TEST 5.0 Motor Testing Software05/2006EN | FR | DE
SoftwareEM-TEST 1.0 Endurance Testing Software10/09EN
SoftwareM-TEST 4.0M-TEST 4.0 & MT-TEST 4.0 Motor Testing Software02/04EN | FR | DE
SoftwareM-Test 3.1M-TEST 3.1 & MT-TEST 3.1 Motor Testing Software11/98EN
SoftwarePF-Test 1.x Pass/Fail Test Motor Testing Software10/00EN
Power Analyzers4612BPower Analyzer---EN
Power Analyzers4614BThree-Phase Power Analyzer (text only)05/93EN
Power Analyzers5100Single-Phase Power Analyzer02/01EN
Power Analyzers5300Three-Phase Power Analyzer03/01EN
Power Analyzers5310Single-Phase Power Meter03/13EN
Power Analyzers5330Three-Phase Power Meter01/13EN
Power Analyzers6510High Speed Single-Phase Power Analyzer05/01EN
Power Analyzers6510eHigh Speed Single-Phase Power Analyzer11/05EN | FR | DE
Power Analyzers6530High Speed Three-Phase Power Analyzer11/05EN | FR | DE
Controllers and Readouts4615BTorque/Speed/Power Readout (text only)11/90EN
Controllers and Readouts4618BTorque/Speed Readout (text only)08/92EN
Controllers and Readouts4629BDynamometer Controller---EN
Controllers and Readouts5220Dynamometer Controller09/96EN
Controllers and Readouts5230Dynamometer/X-Y Controller10/96EN
Controllers and Readouts5240Dynamometer Controller01/00EN
Controllers and Readouts5400Tachometer---EN
Controllers and Readouts5410Torque/Speed Readout09/01EN
Controllers and ReadoutsDSP6000High Speed Programmable Controller06/00EN
Motor Testing Accessories5600Direction Indicator08/00EN
Motor Testing Accessories6100Closed-Loop Speed Control/Power Supply01/05EN
Torque TransducersTM 200In-Line Torque Transducers01/97EN
Torque TransducersTMFTorque Flange Transducers08/03EN
Torque Displays6400Torque Display06/04EN
Torque Displays3410Torque Display10/12EN | FR | DE
Torque Displays3400Torque Display01/04EN | FR | DE
Load-Force Weight SystemsMVD 100Digital Conditioner10/09EN
Load-Force-Weight SystemsAN 1500 PSignal Conditioner and Process Display05/03EN | FR | DE
Load-Force-Weight SystemsAN 1500 CSignal Conditioner and Process Display05/03EN | FR | DE
Load-Force-Weight SystemsLMU 112/117Load Monitoring Unit09/97EN | FR | DE
Load-Force-Weight Systems---LMU 112/117 Common (Short) Calibration01/07EN | DE
Load-Force-Weight SystemsLMU 116Load Monitoring Unit12/98EN | FR | DE
Load-Force-Weight SystemsLBLoad Measuring Pins10/95EN
Load-Force-Weight SystemsLELoad Measuring Pins11/95EN
Rotary Signal TransmissionMT 4/ARotary Transmitter (4-channel)03/89EN
Rotary Signal TransmissionMT 8/ARotary Transmitter (8-channel)02/88EN