Product Manuals

* Revision Date refers to the English version, unless no English language manual is available.

Motor Test Equipment


HD / EDHysteresis/Engine Dynamometers02/2023EN | FR | DE
--- Torque Signal Amplifier Board Upgrade Instructions
( 78D176 to TSC 401)
--- Speed Pickup Modification12/2001EN
Micro DyneMicro Dyne System02/2022EN
WB 23-27WB 23-27 Eddy-current Dynamometers09/2015EN | FR | DE
WB/PBEddy-current/Powder Brake Dynamometers09/2015EN | FR | DE
DWDial Weight Dynamometers12/2008EN


M-TEST 7M-TEST 7 Motor Testing Software02/2023EN | DE
DUAL TEST 7Motor Testing Software02/2014EN
EM-TEST 2.0Endurance Motor Testing Software03/2014EN

Controllers and Readouts

DSP7000High-Speed Programmable Controller03/2020EN | FR | DE
DSP6001High-Speed Programmable Controller03/2010EN | FR | DE

Dynamometer Power Supplies

DES SeriesPower Supply for WB & PB Dynamometers01/2022EN
TSC SeriesTorque/Speed Conditioner07/2003EN

Power Analyzers

7500Power Analyzer02/2020EN

Torque Transducers

TM SeriesIn-Line Torque Transducers08/2021EN | FR | DE
TS SeriesTorque Sensors12/2020EN | FR | DE
TS Series - Quick StartTorque Sensors Quick Start Instructions04/2019EN
TF SeriesTorque Flange Sensors12/2021EN | FR | DE
TF Series - Quick StartTorque Flange Sensors Quick Start Instructions12/2021EN
MODEL 3411Torque Display02/2021EN | FR | DE
MIC SeriesCouplings for TS & TM Series02/2015EN | DE

Load-Force-Weight Systems

Load Measuring Pins

LB / LELoad Measuring Pins02/2021EN

Conditioners and Displays

LMU 212/217Load Monitoring Unit09/2014EN | FR | DE | SP
--- LMU 212/217 Common (Short) Calibration07/2009EN | FR | DE
LMU 216Load Monitoring Unit05/2012EN | FR | DE
LMU 209Load Monitoring Unit01/2009EN
AN 1500 MLoad Monitor/Signal Conditioner/Display01/2016EN | FR
AN 2000 CLoad Monitor/Signal Conditioner/Display05/2003EN | FR
GADLarge Remote Digital Displays08/2012EN | FR
PSDPortable Sensor Display07/2021EN

Brakes and Clutches

HB / HCHysteresis and Matched Hysteresis Brakes11/2011EN | FR | DE
5212Current Regulated Power Supply12/2022EN
5251-2Current Regulated Power Supply (open frame)07/2018EN
5200-2Power Supply (unregulated)06/2010EN

Displacement Transducers

DI 5XX / 6XXDisplacement Transducers11/2006EN | FR
DI 5XXDisplacement Transducers (see note)05/1997DE
CST 113Signal Converter1997EN | FR | DE
MD 152.1(TF) Signal Amplifier05/2004EN | DE

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Obsolete Manuals

The following equipment is no longer in production but their last published manuals can be accessed here.

Product GroupModelProduct DescriptionRevisedLanguage
SoftwareM-TEST 5.0M-TEST 5.0 Motor Testing Software05/2006EN | FR | DE
SoftwareEM-TEST 1.0 Endurance Testing Software10/09EN
SoftwareM-TEST 4.0M-TEST 4.0 & MT-TEST 4.0 Motor Testing Software02/04EN | FR | DE
SoftwareM-Test 3.1M-TEST 3.1 & MT-TEST 3.1 Motor Testing Software11/98EN
SoftwarePF-Test 1.x Pass/Fail Test Motor Testing Software10/00EN
Power Analyzers4612BPower Analyzer---EN
Power Analyzers4614BThree-Phase Power Analyzer (text only)05/93EN
Power Analyzers5100Single-Phase Power Analyzer02/01EN
Power Analyzers5300Three-Phase Power Analyzer03/01EN
Power Analyzers5310Single-Phase Power Meter03/13EN
Power Analyzers5330Three-Phase Power Meter01/13EN
Power Analyzers6510High Speed Single-Phase Power Analyzer05/01EN
Power Analyzers6510eHigh Speed Single-Phase Power Analyzer11/05EN | FR | DE
Power Analyzers6530High Speed Three-Phase Power Analyzer11/05EN | FR | DE
Power SupplyDES 310/311Power Supply for WB & PB Dynamometers08/10EN | FR
Power Supply5211Current Regulated Power Supply11/19EN
Power Supply5210Current Regulated Power Supply05/10EN
Power Supply5250Power Supply09/00EN
Power Supply5200Power Supply
Controllers and Readouts4615BTorque/Speed/Power Readout (text only)11/90EN
Controllers and Readouts4618BTorque/Speed Readout (text only)08/92EN
Controllers and Readouts4629BDynamometer Controller---EN
Controllers and Readouts5220Dynamometer Controller09/96EN
Controllers and Readouts5230Dynamometer/X-Y Controller10/96EN
Controllers and Readouts5240Dynamometer Controller01/00EN
Controllers and Readouts5400Tachometer---EN
Controllers and Readouts5410Torque/Speed Readout09/01EN
Controllers and ReadoutsDSP6000High Speed Programmable Controller06/00EN
Controllers and Readouts6200Dynamometer Controller/Readout03/2014EN
Motor Testing Accessories5600Direction Indicator08/00EN
Motor Testing Accessories6100Closed-Loop Speed Control/Power Supply01/05EN
Torque TransducersTM 200In-Line Torque Transducers01/97EN
Torque TransducersTMFTorque Flange Transducers08/03EN
Torque Displays6400Torque Display06/04EN
Torque Displays3410Torque Display10/12EN | FR | DE
Torque Displays3400Torque Display01/04EN | FR | DE
Load-Force-Weight SystemsMVD 100Digital Conditioner10/09EN
Load-Force-Weight SystemsAN 1500 PSignal Conditioner and Process Display05/03EN | FR | DE
Load-Force-Weight SystemsAN 1500 CSignal Conditioner and Process Display05/03EN | FR | DE
Load-Force-Weight SystemsLMU 112/117Load Monitoring Unit09/97EN | FR | DE
Load-Force-Weight Systems---LMU 112/117 Common (Short) Calibration01/07EN | DE
Load-Force-Weight SystemsLMU 116Load Monitoring Unit12/98EN | FR | DE
Load-Force-Weight SystemsLBLoad Measuring Pins10/95EN
Load-Force-Weight SystemsLELoad Measuring Pins11/95EN