BHB Series Blower-cooled Hysteresis Brakes

BHB Series Blower-Cooled Hysteresis Brakes

Product Description

When torque control/torque measurement must be performed at the highest possible power, Magtrol BHB Series Hysteresis Brakes are ideal. This design allows for continuous power ratings up to 6000 watts (7000 watts intermittent). Use of pre-loaded bearings in the BHB Series Hysteresis Brakes allows operation at speeds of up to 20,000 rpm for extended durations.

BHB Brakes are conveniently base mounted. Base mounting, with integral barrier type terminal strip, provides easy mounting and wiring.


  • Ideal for low-torque/high-speed applications with exceptional power ratings
  • Torque: 3 N·m to 24 N·m
  • Speed: up to 20,000 rpm
  • Power: up to 7000 W
  • Included blowers eliminate the need for additional air supply equipment
  • Includes air deflectors to guide exhaust air away from the motor under test
  • Magtrol hysteresis braking technology provides precise torque control independent of shaft speed
  • EMC conforms to European standards
  • All metric dimensioning
  • Base mounting standard
  • Designed for use with Magtrol’s PT Series T-slot Base Plate mounting system (sold separately)
  • A variety of accessories and system options to choose from to create a simple and cost-effective test system



Specifications and Drawings

For complete technical specifications, including power absorption curves, download the data sheet. For detailed dimension drawings…

Click on the PDF icon in the table below. A PDF document will open in a new window. (Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0, or later, is required.)

Brake Ratings

ModelIncluded Blower ModelIncluded Blower Voltage (VAC)Minimum Torque at Rated Current (N·m)Rated Current (mA)Max. Speed (rpm)Kinetic Power with Blower - 5 minutes (W)Kinetic Power with Blower - Continuous (W)Downloads
BHB-3BBL-001120375020,0001,500935pdf | curve
BHB-3BABL-001A240375020,0001,500935pdf | curve
BHB-6BBL-00112061,50020,0003,4003,000pdf | curve
BHB-6BABL-001A24061,50020,0003,4003,000pdf | curve
BHB-12BBL-001120121,20012,0003,5003,000pdf | curve
BHB-12BABL-001A240121,20012,0003,5003,000pdf | curve
BHB-24BBL-002120242,40012,0007,0006,000pdf | curve
BHB-24BABL-002A240242,40012,0007,0006,000pdf | curve

Solid Models

ModelSolid Model - Brake Only
Solid Model - Brake with Rear Mounted Blower
Solid Model - Brake with Side Mounted Blower
BHB-3B / BHB-3BAstepstepstep
BHB-6B / BHB-6BAstepstepstep
BHB-12B / BHB-12BAstepstepstep
BHB-24B / BHB-24BAstepstepstep


Magtrol’s BHB Series Blower Cooled Hysteresis Brakes can function in either torque measurement or torque control applications. When mounted to a PT Series T-slot Base Plate, a cost-effective, basic motor test rig can be easily configured. For this purpose, Magtrol offers several accessories and system options to choose from. The simplest test bench may include one or two BHB Brakes and an AMF Adjustable Motor Fixture mounted onto a PT Base Plate. Adding a TM Series In-Line Torque Transducer, couplings, FRS Free-Run Speed Sensor, 3411 Torque Display or DSP7000 Controller greatly expands the system’s motor testing capabilities. Other accessories available from Magtrol include: power supplies,pipe fittings, jack shafts and risers. In addition to motor test applications, BHB Series Blower Cooled Hysteresis Brakes can be used for the following:

  • Durability/reliability verification
  • Brush run-in
  • Carburetor tuning
  • High-speed tension control

System Options

Open-loop Systems

A characteristic of the open-loop system is that it does not use feedback to determine if its input has achieved the desired goal. This means that the system does not react to the output of the processes that it is controlling. An open-loop controller is often used in simple test setups because of its simplicity and low cost, especially in systems where feedback is not critical. Below is an example of an open-loop system.

Closed-loop Systems

A characteristic of the closed-loop system is that it uses feedback to determine if its input has achieved the desired goal. This means that the system reacts to the output of the processes that it is controlling. A closed-loop controller is often used because of its ability to repeatedly return to a desired controlled point. Below is an example of a closed-loop system.

Power Supplies

BHB Series Blower Cooled Hysteresis Brakes provide torque that is proportional to the current applied. During normal operation, the coil resistance of an BHB Brake will change with temperature. To eliminate the resulting torque drift, Magtrol recommends using a current-regulated power supply, such as the Model 5210, VM Series or the Lambda ZUP36-6.

Also Available:

  • Connection Cables: brake to controller; power supply to brake; controller to power supply
  • Couplings: brake to in-line torque transducer
  • Pipe Fittings