CHB Series Base Mounted Hysteresis Brakes

CHB Series Base Mounted Hysteresis Brakes

Product Description

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Pure Hysteresis Brakes produce torque strictly through a magnetic air gap without the use of magnetic particles or friction components. This method of braking provides far superior operating characteristics (smoother torque, longer life, superior repeatability, high degree of controllability, and less maintenance and down time) which make them the preferred choice for precise tension control during the processing of nearly any material, web or strand.

Specifications and Drawings

For complete technical specifications and a general dimension drawing, download the data sheet. For detailed dimension drawings. Click on the PDF icon in the table below and a PDF document will open in a new window. (Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0, or later, is required.)

Hysteresis Brake Model Minimum Torque at Rated Current (N·m) Rated Current (mA) Maximum Speed (rpm) Kinetic Power* - 5 Minutes (W) Kinetic Power* - Continuous (W) Downloads
CHB-1 1.00 253 12,000 300 75 pdf | curve
CHB-1.5 1.75 270 10,000 450 110 pdf | curve
CHB-3 3.20 442 8,000 670 160 pdf | curve
CHB-5 5.00 383 7,000 1,000 200 pdf | curve
CHB-6 6.00 600 6,000 1,340 300 pdf
CHB-12 12.36 500 6,000 1,200 350 pdf | curve
CHB-24 24.72 1,000 6,000 2,400 600 pdf | curve

*Kinetic power ratings are maximum values based on limiting coil and/or bearing temperature to approximately 100 ºC, and should not be exceeded. Actual values in service may vary ±50% depending on mounting, ventilation, ambient temperature, etc.