TCBS – Boîtier de connexion pour thermocouples

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TCBS - Boîtier de connexion pour thermocouples

Product Description

The TCBS Thermocouple Connection Barrier Strip provides a method of connection the data acquisition device, which is usually installed in the main console, to the device being monitored up to 3 meters away. All eight thermocouples pairs are bundled into a single cable and terminated in a die cast aluminum box with barrier strip jackets for easy connection.

Interconnection errors can be avoided by using the barrier strip with the relevant thermocouple extension or compensation material. The strips are marked to identify the alloy and polarity.

The box can be supplied with optional T-nuts for easy mounting to a T-slot table or Magtrol PT 25 Base Plate.


  • Extends thermocouple connections up to 3 m from DAQ device
  • For use with various types of thermocouples (see ordering information)
  • Barrier strip jackets (avoids errors)
  • Mountable to T-slot table/base plate with optional mounting kit (view drawing)