Magtrol Return Material Authorization (RMA)

Please select the location where you have been instructed to send your equipment for return, repair or calibration.  If you are unsure of which location to select, please contact your sales representative which is available by clicking on the blue Contact Us button to the right or reach out to one of our After Sales Service contacts listed below before continuing.  Choosing the incorrect location may lead to delays in processing your return.  Magtrol is not responsible for additional costs incurred due to an incorrect location selection.

Magtrol, Inc.
70 Gardenville Parkway
Buffalo, NY 14224

Magtrol SA
Route de Montena 77
1728 Rossens/Fribourg

Contacts for After Sales Service:

Magtrol Inc

David Nowakowski
Tel: 716-668-5555 x 115
Fax: 716-668-3162

Magtrol SA

After Sales, Repair & Calibration Services
Tel : +41 26 407 30 00
Fax : +41 26 407 30 01
E-mail :