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External Shunts

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If currents continuously reach above 20 amps, an external sensor must be used. Magtrol offers three different types of external shunts for use with Magtrol Models 6510e or 6530 High-Speed Power Analyzers. The HA Series shunt, designed for power cable hook-up utilizing 3/8-16 screws, has an insulating base and can be mounted on conductive surfaces. The LAB Series shunt also comes with an insulating base, along with thumb screws for the power leads and knurled nuts on the sensing terminals. The FL Series is a relatively small bus, bar-mounted shunt with large end blocks. The comparatively large end blocks and short spacing aid in cooling and allow the shunt to operate in more extreme environments. All shunts are calibrated on equipment with current certifications traceable to N.I.S.T.


  HA Series LAB Series FL Series
Rated Current 50 A to 500 A 750 A to 1000 A 2000 A to 3000 A
Output 50 mV 50 mV 50 mV
Bandwidth DC to 60 Hz DC to 60 Hz DC to 60 Hz
Accuracy ± 0.25% (± 0.1% accuracy with calibration certificate is available for an additional cost)
Operating Temperature For optimum accuracy, temperature of shunt should be 30 °C to 70 °C

NOTE: For the 6530 Three-Phase Analyzer, any (or all) of the Amps inputs may be replaced with a shunt for any of the wiring modes.

Available Models

Type P/N Amps
HA 004640 50
HA 004641 100
HA 004642 150
HA 004643 200
HA 004644 250
HA 004645 300
HA 004646 400
HA 004647 500
LAB 004648 750
LAB 004649 1000
FL 005214 2000
FL 005286 3000