TS Series – The New Standard of In-Line Torque Sensor!

TS Series Torque Sensor

Magtrol is proud to announce the launch of the new TS Series Torque Sensor. This new sensor offers two types of communication interfaces, an isolated USB interface and an analog output. Both signals can be utilized simultaneously. For example, control loop data can be acquired using a computer via the USB interface while fast data acquisition can be performed using the analog output.

The sensor integrates an encoder with 360 pulses per revolution with an angular reference index (1/rev).  This allows angular measurement resolution of 0.25°. The energy transmission from the stator to the rotor is assured by a high frequency, low inertia rotary transformer. An LED color code shows the working status of the unit.

Encapsulated in a small compact housing, the sensor spans 8 nominal ranges 0.05 N·m to 10 N·m. Extended ranges from 20 N·m to 500 N·m will be available in the coming months. The TS Torque Sensor measures dynamic torque loads of up to 200% of its nominal rating. With 300% of rated torque as ultimate overload reserve, the TS sensor offers one of the highest overload capacities on the market.

The TS Sensor enhances Magtrol’s capabilities in torque measurement and compliments the TM Series Torque Transducer (offering an overload limit up to 400% and a high-speed version up 50 000 rpm), the TF Series Torque Flange Sensors and the RT Series Reaction Torque Sensors.

Magtrol offers calibration in its ISO-17025 accredited torque laboratory, and provides factory calibration up to Euramet cg-14 certificates. In addition to its advancement in Torque Sensors, Magtrol is world renowned in providing Motor Testing Systems, Brakes & Clutches, Load pins, Load cells and Displacement Sensors.