EMA Series Stand Alone Encoder

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EMA Series Stand Alone Encoder

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Magtrol’s EMA Series Stand Alone Encoder provides a squarewave output on two channels for up/down counting or free-runmotor speed measurement applications. Each channel outputs the specified pulses per revolution of the encoder shaft, and is 90° phase-shifted in order to determine direction when used with the appropriate counter/timer DAQ board. The device incorporates an infrared optical switch and disk assembled into a rugged aluminum housing. The encoder is supplied with an 8 mm rectangular key for easy alignment to a Magtrol PT 25 Base Plate.


  • Quadrature output (Channel A, Channel B, Index)
  • Several resolutions available
  • Low inertia: 5.19 × 10-8 kg·m2
  • Interfaces directly with Magtrol controllers
  • Mountable to a Magtrol PT 25 Base Plate