Firmware Updates

A limited number of Magtrol devices are now able to update their firmware from the field. New firmware versions will give the device new capabilities, and allow customers to extend the life of their product. Using our the Magtrol update utility, customers will be able to change the firmware of their device right from their own location. No down time will be incurred returning the device to Magtrol for a feature upgrade or
bug fix.
Below is a link to the Host PC program needed to update your Magtrol Device. The Magtrol Update Utility is not specific to a particular device. The same program is used for all devices capable of performing an update. There is also a list of the devices currently offering this capability. A Java Runtime Engine version 7 or later must be installed to execute the program. Once the utility is downloaded, and the Java runtime is installed, you can execute the program by double clicking on the .jar file. The .jar file can be executed from any location on your hard drive, it does not need to be “installed”.

Download Java JRE.

Magtrol Update Utility

Version 4.0 – Adds ability to update Torque Master

Update File

Port (COM) Devices

DFU Devices

  • DSP 7000 (Coming Soon)