New: PSD – Portable Sensor Display

PSD – Portable Sensor Display

Magtrol’s New PSD Portable Sensor Display is a stand-alone unit powered by either 3 AA batteries or via USB. It is very compact (~160 x 80 x 50 mm) and can be easily carried and used on a civil engineering site, in a research & development office or laboratory, as well as in production shop. Its case is ergonomic, waterproof (IP54) and protected by a rubber shock absorber. It is suitable for any type of strain gauge transducer including a load cell, load pin or reaction torque sensor. The internal amplifier can process a signal range of ±0.3 … 5 mV/V.

The new PSD Portable Display is very flexible and complies with the highest specifications in terms of accuracy (0.01%) and measurement frequency (1600/s). It allows the storage of up to 16 programmable measurement ranges which can be configured either directly on the unit or via its USB interface and dedicated software (included). Multiple force or torque transducers can be connected simultaneously and the data, as well as the minimum or maximum value, can be displayed. The new device is delivered in a protective case allowing for safe and easy transportation. It replaces the old generation GM80 Amplifier.

The PSD is a great complement to all types of strain gauge transducers for which a mobile display is necessary, especially Magtrol’s Anchor Load Cells (HRL Series), Cable Sensors (SK-02), Load Pins (LB Series) and Miniature Load Pins (MB-02 Series) or Reaction Torque Sensors (RT Series).