Torque Flange Sensor for Extreme Environments

TF Series Torque Flange Sensor with Signal Amplifier and Conditioner

In response to a customer request for a torque flange sensor designed for use within a highly demanding environment, MAGTROL has developed the 10 Nm TF 307 Torque Flange Sensor.  The automotive application for this sensor required a torque flange capable of functioning inside a compression chamber with pressures of up to 10 bars of pressure. The sensor also needed to be resistant to the aggressive cooling fluid within the chamber.

MAGTROL designed the sensor based on our extensive experience in the field of torque measurement applications.  In a similar application, MAGTROL designed torque sensors and motor testing systems for the aerospace industry in which a very aggressive fire resistant hydraulic fluid is being used.

For more than 60 years, MAGTROL has been a world leader in torque, load, force and displacement sensors as well as dynamometers and motor testing systems.   MAGTROL proudly serves more than 5000 customers in various industries including automotive, power tools, home appliances, mechanical construction, crane and lifting, civil engineering, watch manufacturing and medical/dental tools.