Magtrol contributes to the fight against Covid-19

In these difficult times, when all economic activity is challenged by the pandemic, the need for medical equipment is considerable, especially in regards to ventilators.

April 21, 2020 – Due to Covid-19 many companies have prioritized the manufacture of medical devices. Magtrol has been approached by several manufacturers in the medical field, whose need for motor testing has obviously increased. In response, Magtrol and its employees quickly fulfilled that need and was able to deliver two CTS Series Cogging Test Systems in just three days to two different customers in the industry!

Magtrol’s CTS SERIES COGGING TEST SYSTEM is a stand-alone test system designed to monitor and measure detent torque, cogging torque and friction torque of permanent magnet (PM) motors. PM motor detent torque is composed of cogging torque and friction torque. The cogging torque is generated by the attraction/interaction of the magnetic poles on the teeth (steel structure) in a non-powered motor. It is one of the most important parameters of permanent magnet motors, causing torque ripple, vibration and noise.

Ranging from 50 mN·m to 1 N·m as standard, these CTS SERIES COGGING TEST SYSTEMS can accurately and repeatedly measure torque in the 1 mN·m range and enhances Magtrol’s torque measurement and motor test system product lines.