Load-Force-Weight Systems - Datasheets

Load Measuring Pins

KLB/KLE/KLU SeriesWedge Socket Load PinEN
LB 210 SeriesLoad Measuring PinsEN | FR | DE | CN
LB 230 SeriesLoad Measuring PinsEN | FR | DE | CN
LE/LU SeriesLoad Measuring PinsEN
MB-02 SeriesMiniature Load Measuring PinsEN | FR | DE
SLB SeriesShackles Load PinEN

Load-Force-Weight Electronics

LMU 209Load Monitoring UnitEN | FR | DE | CN
LMU 212/216/217Load Monitoring UnitsEN | FR | DE | CN
LMU 110Load Monitoring UnitEN
AN 1500MLoad Monitor/Signal Conditioner/DisplayEN | CN
AN 2000CLoad Monitor/Signal Conditioner/DisplayEN | FR | DE | CN
GAD SeriesLarge Display UnitsEN | FR | DE | CN
JB 113 and JB 114Junction Boxes (for connecting LB to LMU)EN | FR | DE
MVD 100Digital ConditionerEN | FR | DE
SGS-350Strain Gauge SimulatorEN | FR | DE

Load-Force-Weight Transducers

DB-DA and
Transducers for Ball Bearing
Radial Force Measurement
DB-11Force TransducerEN
DD-03Force TransducerEN
HRL SeriesForce TransducerEN | FR | DE
KG-03Spot-welded ExtensometerEN
MBB-01Miniature Force TransducerEN
MBB-02Miniature Force TransducerEN
SK-01Strain gauge force transducerEN
SK-02Cable Force TransducerEN | FR | DE
ZB SeriesLoad CellEN | DE
ZC SeriesLoad CellEN | DE
ZD SeriesLoad CellEN | DE
ZF SeriesForce TransducerEN | DE
ZF-S SeriesForce TransducerEN | DE
ZL-03Force TransducerEN | FR
ZM SeriesForce TransducerEN | DE
ZM-S SeriesForce TransducerEN | DE
ZN SeriesLoad CellEN | DE
ZP-S SeriesForce TransducerEN | DE
ZS SeriesLoad CellEN | FR