Boîtier pour contrôle de signaux – SBB 14

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SBB 14

Product Description

Magtrol’s SBB 14 Signal Breakout Box is designed to assist in the monitoring of speed and torque signals obtained from either a Magtrol DSP Controller or 3411 Torque Display. The easy-to-use SBB 14 is simply inserted in series between the controller and any Magtrol Dynamometer or Torque Transducer. Connections are made via 14-pin signal cables.

Speed and torque signals are then then outputted through BNC connectors to an oscilloscope or other DAQ instrumentation.

The SBB 14 Signal Breakout Box is a convenient and reliable accessory that reduces the necessary wiring required for signal monitoring.


  • Two 14-Pin Connectors: provide easy access to speed and torque readings from a Magtrol motor testing instrument and corresponding controller
  • Three BNC Connectors: for outputting speed and torque signals to an oscilloscope or other data acquisition (DAQ) device
  • Sturdy Assembly: packaged in a shielded aluminum case with metal mounting flanges