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TMB, TM & TMHS Torque Transducer Calibration


Before delivery, our Torque Transducers are checked with weights calibrated by the Swiss Federal Office of Metrology and Accreditation (METAS), according to national standards. Our Test Benches are also calibrated with weights, checked by the METAS. A Test Report is made for each sensor. If the customer wishes, it is possible for calibration to be performed directly by the METAS, with a customized certificate.

All the test instruments used by Magtrol SA are, depending on their type, periodically tested and calibrated by the according laboratories. All the test instruments used by Magtrol Inc. follow the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).

We advise our customers to re-calibrate their torque meters every year, in order to respect the specifications ISO 9001:2000 point 7.6 a) and b). We also advise sending the corresponding electronic equipment for calibration each year, in order to ensure the correct parametering with the linked transducer.

Magtrol SA is ISO 9001 : 2008 certified. The quality of our products, along with excellent customer service and support, has been a tradition at Magtrol for 50 years.

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