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TSC 401

TSC 401 Torque/Speed Conditioner

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The TSC 401 is the Torque/Speed Conditioner used to connect Magtrol Eddy-Current (WB) or Powder (PB) Dynamometers to the DSP7000 Dynamometer Controller. Powered by the dynamometer controller, and based on a precision instrumentation amplifier, the unit amplifies and filters the torque signal. It also provides power and connections for the speed pickup sensor which is located in the dynamometer.

Ordering Information
It is important to specify which dynamometer will be used with the TSC 401 Torque/Speed Conditioner so that it can be delivered with the appropriate cables. Because The TSC 401 also requires calibration with its associated dynamometer, it is suggested that the dynamometer and Torque/Speed Conditioner be ordered together in order for Magtrol to perform this calibration before leaving the factory.
If purchased separately, the part number and serial number of the customer's dynamometer must be specified so that Magtrol can ship a pre-configured TSC 401. The customer must then perform the (Zero, CW & CCW) calibration on site, as outlined in the TSC 401 User's Manual.

Dynamometer Torque/Speed Conditioner P/N
WB/PB 2.7, 43 234-401-000-11x
WB/PB 65, 115, 15 234-401-000-12x
TSC 401
Characteristic Value Comment
Supply Voltage ± 20 V to ± 30 V ---
Supply Current 40 mA nominal; 45 mA max With a 350 ohm load cell bridge and no O/P load.
Torque O/P Voltage 5 VDC ± 0.2 % Rated dynamometer torque.
Offset ± 0.2 % FSD ---
Symmetry ± 0.1% FSD ---
Bandwidth (3 dB single pole) 20 Hz ---
Max O/P Current 5 mA Without distortion.
Min O/P Load 1 kilohms ---
Offset Drift < 100 ppm/°C ---
Sensitivity Drift < 50 ppm/°C ---
pdfFor WB/PB 2.7 and 43 (PDF)
pdfFor WB/PB 65, 115 and 15 (PDF)
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