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Magtrol’s EM-TEST2.0 is an endurance motor testing software for PC (Windows®XP sp3/7/8) based data acquisition. Combined with a Magtrol DSP7000 High Speed Programmable Controller, EM-TEST2.0 works with any Magtrol dynamometer or in-line torque transducer to determine the performance characteristics of a motor under test. Up to 64 parameters are calculated and displayed utilizing EM-TEST2.0’s unique testing and graphing capabilities.

An integral component of any Magtrol Endurance Motor Test System, EM-TEST2.0 performs curve testing in a manner best suited to the overall efficiency of the test rig. Written in LabVIEW™, EM-TEST2.0 has the flexibility to test a variety of motors in a multitude of configurations. The data generated from this user-friendly program can be stored, displayed and printed in tabular or graphical formats, and is easily imported into a spreadsheet.

Magtrol can also make custom modifications to the software to meet additional motor testing requirements.


EM-TEST2.0 is designed for long-term motor test cycling. It is ideal for developmental applications. It has the ability to duplicate tests and run them automatically. This versatile program is extremely valuable to anyone involved in motor testing. EM-TEST2.0 can be used as stand alone software or in combination with M-TEST 7 Motor Testing Software.

EM-TEST2.0 Project Management
EM-TEST2.0 Project Management
EM-TEST2.0 Graphical Data Output
EM-TEST2.0 Graphical Data Output


  • Graphical User Interface: User friendly tabbed pages for quick navigation.
  • Global Project: Management Data and Setup of current project.
  • Lock / Unlock function: Front Panel lock function prevents modification by an unauthorized operator.
  • Set-point table: The set-point curve is defined in the data table. Sampling rate, voltage and Analog Output, Digital Ouput and Relay state are also defined in this table.
  • Endurance Testing: Tests speed, torque, amps, watts input, watts output and open loop parameters. Capable of adjusting sampling rate by step and using step or ramp from one load point to the next.
  • DSP7000 / 6001 / 6000 Programmable Controller Support.
  • Supports the optional Analog and Digital I/O Modules on the DSP7000 Programmable Controller.
  • Expanded power analyzer and power supply selections.
  • Optional Analog and Digital I/O provides more device flexibility.
  • Temperature Security: Over-Temperature control and Hysteresis Temperature function.
  • Three-Phase Power Meter Data Acquisition: Obtain data on each individual phase and/or the sum used in the chosen parameters (amps, volts, input watts and power factor).
  • Spanning file function: Auto-Incrementation of filename depending on cycle, hours, days or file size.
  • Graph and display during test: Displays previous files during test in tabular or graphic view.
  • Recovery Function: Recovers test if the computer crashes (Windows® problem, power off).
  • Micro Dyne Motor Testing System Support

Standard Features

  • USB2.0: Computer interface for DSP7000
  • IEEE-488: Computer interface with National Instruments™ PCI-GPIB or USB-GPIB.
  • Multiple Language Support: Switch to/from English, French, German at any point during the program. Additional language dictionaries can be created/edited by the user.
  • Automatic Load Defaults Option: Downloads testing instrument parameters based on model number.
  • PID Adjustment Routines: Helps adjust the system for step functions.
  • Rapid Graph Plotting: Change both the X- and Y-axis to display additional test curves, without having to exit the graph.
  • Displays 63 Tested and Calculated Parameters: Torque, speed and auxiliary input are displayed from the DSP6000/6001/7000 Controller; amps, volts and watts from an (optional) power analyzer. Calculated values including horsepower, efficiency, power factor, output watts and time can also be displayed. Optional analog and digital inputs can also be displayed.
  • Curve Fitting: A curve fitting routine can be applied to most motor test curves. Raw data and curve fit data can also be displayed simultaneously.
  • Context Help: Hover over any field or parameter with the mouse to display a context help box.

Temperature Sensor Measurement

Up to 128 thermocouples can be read and monitored during a motor test. Heat rise curves on the bearings, windings and housing of a motor can be performed.

EM-TEST2.0, with its complete dynamometer control, allows for sensor measurement while performing load simulation for duty cycle and life testing.

Hysteresis function : If the temperature exceeds the high threshold, the test passes to Pause mode and a relay is disabled. When the temperature passes under the low threshold, the test passes to Run mode and a relay is enabled.

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